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Ban Bellessort

Hello / good evening everyone smile

I introduce myself, Ban, a little medieval name according to some but who will seek in the myth Arthurian with Ban de Bénoïc, father of Lancelot.
I registered there is ... (look at the forum of the Indépendants) ... HO DEPIEU! 10 years ?! It is at this moment that the terrible scourge of old age falls upon me from the height of my twenty-three years. My nickname at the time was Ioane (with an i).

As I revealed, at the time I joined the separatists (13 years old and already the rebellious spirit big_smile), and if my memories were good, I had stopped shortly after my entry into boarding school. But let's go, today I do not know who will serve my sword, but as soon as I finish my presentation here I attack my background (which will allow me to give a house to this nickname wink).

What more can be said ? I am now a student of communication, fan of medieval fantasy, rock / metal / jazz / classical / baroque, bass player, rock climber and street hypnosis (a discipline much less bizarre than it it seems there.) I am also very focused on the RP and it is this mix RP / strategy / management that attracts me today on the Black Earth Island.

Looking forward to trading, intrigue, cross swords, betray with and against you.
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Thank you!!

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Falzòmu !
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Re : Ban Bellessort

Welcome to black earth.
Where donyou come from ?

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